Mi Pyun Business All your data, available at your fingertips

All your data, available at your fingertips

By using an integration platform, not only can you automate data transfers between your systems, but all of this data is available at your fingertips. And if there is an issue with one of your systems or integrations, you only need one point of contact to find the root of the problem. It’s how big brands can process tens of thousands of orders every hour without their systems grinding to a halt.

The benefits of having an iPaaS

Up-to-date stock levels

There are countless reasons to have an iPaaS powering your business, but one of the key benefits is being able to automate your data. Through scheduled data syncing and iPaaS Vendors  live inventory figures, you can make sure your site always has up-to-date stock levels, no matter how busy your store gets.

Improved order fulfilment

Without the need for warehouse or customer service staff to manually input stock figures, an iPaaS saves both you and your employees heaps of valuable time. It also eliminates the risk of human error, meaning you won’t have to worry about overselling or order fulfilment issues. Not only does this increase your profit margins, but it also helps give your customers a better shopping experience.

Data syncs when you need them most

With the Patchworks platform, you can choose when and how you sync your essential business data across your apps, whether it’s in time with peak sales periods or manually triggered as and when you need it.

One easy-to-use platform

By having a single dashboard to connect all your business-critical software, you can easily review data syncs, troubleshoot problems and watch the cogs of your business turning.

More time & resources

One of the other main advantages of an iPaaS is that it completely frees up your team from IT admin, giving them time to work on more exciting and business-critical projects. Things like building connectors and data maps, which can take a team of developers months to achieve, can be done in a matter of weeks with the Patchworks platform. And with a team of integration specialists managing your connections, your IT team won’t be bogged down with technical issues.